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National Alcohol Screening DayŽ Program

Reduce stigma, raise awareness about alcohol abuse, and connect those in need of help to the proper resources available.   

The National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD) program is designed to inform, educate and raise awareness about the dangers of at-risk drinking, and features the very popular Drinking IQ campaign.
Participants are encouraged to assess whether their drinking is having a negative effect on their lives or the lives of their loved ones. Military Pathways online alcohol abuse screening can help determine next steps.
NASD event materials will be available to military substance abuse programs, health centers, individual units, VA’s and vet centers. Registration for NASD kits opens in February.
Kits include educational resources, posters, wallet cards and water bottles, and are intended for use in an NASD event setting. Military Pathways also provides in person and online technical support for hosting a NASD event. National Alcohol Screening Day falls on the Thursday of the first full week of April (April 10, 2014).
"When I took the online self-assessment, it became clear that my emotional problems were due to my alcohol abuse and I couldn't handle it anymore. That's when I decided I needed help." -- Jarrod Woods, former U.S. Army National Guard service member


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